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Success is based on attitude, and attitude can be altered by time.

When the greatest and most successful people were asked what the single most important secret to their success was, they all answered—unanimously!—that it was personal growth. Nothing can replace your own inner growth. The larger you grow, the smaller your problems and obstacles become. In time, with the help of books like The 5 Minute Motivator, you soon outgrow all of your former problems and you achieve success you never thought possible before. You don’t reach great heights by making more money—you make more money by reaching great heights through personal growth.

The 5 Minute Motivator is your key to reaching those great heights. Reading The 5 Minute Motivator is like taking a graduate level class with Dr. Kaplan—when you’re done, you’ll have a Ph.D. in Personal Growth! The 5 Minute Motivator contains the wisdom of the world and the wisdom Dr. Kaplan has attained throughout life, including recovering from being 100% paralyzed where the doctors were sure that he and his wife would never survive. You don’t rise to become the President and COO of a company like Nutrisystem without reaching great heights of personal growth. You don’t fight back from certain death to a 100% full recovery without having great reserves of inner strength and personal power. In The 5 Minute Motivator, Dr. Kaplan teaches you how to reach those same great heights and how to develop your own great reserves of inner strength and personal power.

In The 5 Minute Motivator, you will:

• Learn how to overcome ANY adversity and rise to the top.
• Learn the secret of “I AM.”
• Navigate the Seven Cs to Success.
• Learn the “5 Minute” keys to a happy life.
• Grow and develop your Personal Power.
• Learn how to live your life to the fullest.
• Learn the “5 Minute” habits of a winner.
• Learn the secrets to “Youthful Aging.”

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